2020-21 Business Performance Overview

EVMT continued to meet or exceed business plan objectives during 2020-2021 and was able to ride the Covid virus impact and Government enforced changes to IR35 guidelines. The original business plan had already been extended from 2018 to 2021 as consultancy work was still available and contracts with Harmonic Limited in 2020 and continued support to Babcock International on the T31 Frigate programme resulted in the achievement of revised objectives. EVMT is contracted to Babcock up to May 2022 and it is anticipated that this will be extended for a further 12 months period. Further work in the south-west region is less likely because of the IR35 changes and the business plan for the next 2 years reflects this.

To meet EVMT’s Managing Directors Association for Project Management (APM) volunteering commitment, EVMT has sponsored a Seagrass Zostera Optimisation Restoration Research Opportunity project (ZORRO) at Swansea University and is also providing project governance and assurance. The sponsorship is in support of a three-year research project (2021-24). EVMT has also applied for APM research funding do analyse and develop a Seagrass (Nature Based Solution) Project Management Handbook/Manual and if successful will run from mid-2022 to 2025. The project will be part-funded (50%+) by EVMT which will be the project sponsor. EVMT will look for further research funding in support of the Seagrass Restoration project during 2022.

Image shows a visually descriptive graph illustrating viewers of the progress EVMT ProgRess Limited has made through their over time.
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