Catherine - a young student with huge aspirations.

"During my second year at the University of Copenhagen I have the option to undertake a 3-6 month internship with an organisation that will compliment my future career aspirations. I have chosen to undertake an internship with the United Nations as I am a firm believer in it as a forum and as an organisation for the resolution of the many problems we face as a global community. The UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme provides an excellent example of the UN in operation, in that case contributing to maritime security, and to delivering considerable benefits for all states and their populations. As an intern at the Global Maritime programme, I have actively been involved in contributing to effective maritime security with both research and various project implementation roles."

"As an MA student in African Studies at The University of Copenhagen, I am familiar with, and stay abreast of current events in the Horn of Africa. As African Studies at University of Copenhagen, I have gained an insight across the political, religious, economic and cultural aspects of Sub-Saharan Africa. I have a great personal interest in Maritime Security, in particular regarding the Horn of Africa where there has been and continues to be a high degree of insecurity. My current assignment at University of Copenhagen is from my ‘Managing Natural Resources’ optional module. In my paper I have concentrated on understanding how piracy has become prevalent in Somalia, a country with one of the longest coastlines in Africa and where there is, if maritime security was in place, considerable potential for the development of trade, food security and employment. In addition, another aspect of my research and paper is illustrated by the UNODC’s report in conjunction with the World Bank concerning the use of the illicit financial funds obtained through piracy being channeled into other dangerous activities. I have used a great deal of my research into reports from the UNODC and partner organisations in informing my paper. I have concluded that the current political situation in Somalia makes it even more important that effective maritime security is in place to prevent criminal activities which undermine Somalia’s progress, have a wider regional and global impact as funds are channeled into nefarious activities, and which frequently involve human rights abuses at sea. An internship at the Global Maritime Crime programme will also allow me to expand on my managing natural resources module for my thesis due next year."

Fantastic work, Catherine. We wish you all the best in the future and will look forward to hearing where your internship has led you.

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