EVMT Welcomes a new Intern

In September 2017, EVMT took on a new intern in line with their ongoing commitment – as a member of the Association for Project Management - to support young people with an interest in the area.

This was also a big moment for the AAI (Adopt an Intern) team, a not-for-profit group placing interns into paid positions, as the successful applicant, Hannah Barnett, was their 1400th intern to have gained a placement. EVMT have always found AAI to be efficient and professional in their approach and value their help immensely.

Hannah is a second-year law student at the University of Exeter. She has commented on how useful she has already found the placement in enabling her to see new perspectives to problems she faces in her law degree and, more generally, the corporate world. Her newfound ability to exploit these approaches have greatly boosted her CV, her work and her employability.

Hannah has been highly valuable in supporting various projects and we look forward to the months ahead.

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