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LookUp Project Pilot Phase

Upon completion of the AAI study EVMT were looking to support the gradual move towards social prescribing whilst addressing the known gap between adolescence and adulthood with respect to young people welfare support and particularly prevention of possible issues as they enter adulthood. Based upon previous experiences with both Solent Mind and iTalk, EVMT’s Marketing Manager, Emma Townley, proposed Project LookUp to address support for individuals between 11-15 years old who might feel that they had or could have such welfare issues. Several different potential avenues were assessed by EVMT before an agreement was reached with Community First Wessex who already had an extensive youth-based infrastructure in place to support the LookUp initiative in late 2018.

The Project aim was to develop a safe space environment for 11-15 years old young people who feel that they need help and are unable to discuss their problems or issues with parents, school or peers. The safe space would provide young people with access to art and similar therapies to enable discussion and a feeling of belonging. The Project would develop a self-help toolkit for both such young people and their parents or guardians to provide longer-term support and, where appropriate, direct them to other existing support initiatives.

The following benefits were anticipated:

  • Early intervention resulting in support being provided to potentially vulnerable young people filling the existing gap**

  • Potential to provide longer term support to young people and parents/guardians via the proposed toolkits

  • Potential savings for both the NHS and Voluntary sectors as early intervention will reduce the numbers of over-16s requiring help.

*For further details about this excellent study please contact AAI’s CEO, Joy Lewis at joy@adoptanintern.org.uk.

**It should be noted that a Safe Haven project was set up by Havant and East Hants Mind in the Hampshire area just after Project LookUp was commenced and Community First are in discussion with that group to identify common development or support areas.

MSc Marketing Achievement

EVMT’s marketing and business development manager, Emma, was awarded her MSc Marketing from Solent University in October utilising real data from Project LookUp described earlier. Emma whilst continuing to support EVMT is now looking for new opportunities in the Southampton and Portsmouth area and will be working towards her APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ).

Global Integrator

EVMT are pleased to announce its continued support to Global Footprints Inc Global Integrator product and services for a further 12 months period. With marketing and business development support from Larato UK, Global Footprints and EVMT continue to market the proven system integration and data orchestration software, with particular emphasis upon construction and infrastructure programme control maximising the benefits from 5G capability.

University of Exeter Mentoring Scheme and Local School Support

EVMT’s Managing Director has recently supported University of Exeter's mentoring scheme and is now working closely with two mentees over the next 6 months. Further mentees will be assigned in November.

Mark has also continued to provide his time to the Inspiring the Future programme by supporting the Exeter School Interview Scheme and “What’s My Line?” presentations at a Tiverton primary school.

Next Steps

EVMT recently completed its 12 months contract at Rolls-Royce and is now an Associate with Harmonic Limited providing consultancy services to companies in the south-west.

If you require further information with respect to EVMT’s capability please contact: -

Emma Townley MSc at evmtmarkeing@gmail.com

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