Update: EVMT goes back to school

EVMT’s Managing Director went back to school recently – Heathcoat Primary School in Tiverton – in support of Inspiring the Future. The event was based upon the “What’s My Line?” programme where six willing volunteers from various work backgrounds sat in from of the whole school and asked questions about their jobs to which they could only respond with “yes” or “no”. After an initial guess the volunteers were allowed the use of props to further expand upon the jobs they do.

The children did extremely well successfully guessing 4 of the 6 jobs but they thought that our Managing Director was a policeman or possibly someone famous!!


Later the volunteers had further time with Year 5 pupils where more details about their jobs and future opportunities proved very successful. The event was a great success and huge credit to the school staff but particularly Becky Budden as organiser. EVMT would thoroughly recommend becoming involved In Inspiring the Future in your local area to engage with the UK’s future workforce, entrepreneurs and leaders.


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