From EVMT Intern to UN Project Manager

Back in 2017 we spoke with Catherine Crabtree, who at the time was undertaking an internship with the United Nations focusing on The UNODC Global Maritime Crime Programme. You can read more in our previous news piece here: Catherine - a young student with huge aspirations.

We've caught up again with Catherine to hear about where her time with the UN and EVMT have taken her. Here's what she had to say.

"My career with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime started in Nairobi as an intern in late 2017 after which I was offered a full-time role as a consultant in Sri Lanka in January 2019. Following this I was offered a promotion in September 2019 to a Project Support Officer in Nairobi, Kenya. My UN career has been focused on law enforcement capacity building in the context of fast-moving and potentially high-risk environments. As such I am adept at working collaboratively under pressure with partner agencies from Law Enforcement and live operations, to prevent maritime crime. As part of my current role in Nairobi I assist on a US funded INL project and EU Port security project. My role is mainly as a project manager, as well as some intelligence analysis, in the delivery of intelligence reports from gathering, developing and disseminating intelligence, liaising with national and international law enforcement bodies.

It is with no doubt that my internship at EVMT Progress Limited at HS2 in 2016 encouraged me to pursue a career in project management. This internship provided me with solid foundations I needed as I went into my first role in Nairobi. EVMT Progress Limited are now sponsoring me in a APM Project Management qualification, something of which is crucial towards my future career development and something that my work unfortunately does not provide.

Huge thanks to EVMT Progress Limited for all your support over the years!"

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