EVMT Intern to Support Seagrass Restoration Project

EVMT ProgRess Limited (EVMT) is proud to announce that the company will be sponsoring an internship between July and September this year under the guidance and assurance of the ReSOW Project led by Dr Claire Evans at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC). As part of EVMT’s ongoing support to University of Exeter's mentoring and commitment to APM’s volunteering schemes, respectively, the company will fund second year Marine Biology degree student, Beth Archer.

Beth (pictured above) will work with NOC analysing seagrass sedimentary cores collected by Dr Chris Laing at University of Exeter (Penryn campus) and this element of Beth’s Internship will constitute her dissertation project. In addition, Beth will gain work experience by assisting the NOC geochemistry teams as well as shadowing Aisling Collins who is already being sponsored by EVMT, and other students working in the field. This will give Beth the full project and valuable real-world work experience. EVMT will also fund required NOC laboratory equipment and technical support.

Beth will spend time in the Geochemistry laboratories, the Biogeochemical Ecology Laboratory, and the British Oceanographic Sediment Core Facility (BORSCORF) to learn about the activities they conduct and support some of the broader analysis performed. Cores will be transported to NOC, split, imaged and analysed for carbon content. Carbon content will be determined from a profile of subsamples over the length of the core at around 5 to 10 cm depth horizons. These samples will be analysed by Isotopic Ratio Mass Spectrometry to determine their organic and inorganic carbon content, nitrogen, and the isotopic ratio. Based on known extent of the seagrass beds from which the cores were collected Beth will be directed in performing a rudimentary assessment of the sedimentary carbon stocks.  

EVMT, Swansea University and NOC recently held an annual review of the research sponsored by EVMT undertaken by Aisling. Good progress has been made with key habitat samples from assigned lagoon and estuarine sites collected, and analysis work commenced. Beth will support future site collections in the south of England and in North Wales (Aisling and Dr Richard Unsworth collected samples at Porthdinllaen site pictured) as part of her internship.

The internship will help develop a better understanding of the best habitat types and environments for seagrass restoration to maximise the benefits of carbon sequestration in support of blue carbon initiatives to mitigate climate change impact. This research is led by Dr Claire Evans at NOC, and Professor Richard Unsworth and the Seagrass Project team at Swansea University.

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