More success for EVMT

It has been a very eventful few months for the EVMT team with a delayed graduation, continued support to the Blue Carbon economy and a couple of interviews including one with BBC Politics South.

First, congratulations to EVMT’s Marketing and Social Media manager, Emma, who received her MSc Marketing postgraduate degree from Solent University. The graduation day had been delayed a year because of Covid but the rescheduled event (which Emma helped with and worked at as part of her role at Solent) went without a hitch and luckily the bad weather held off.

Emma has also recently passed her course from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and is now a Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media; and to top it all off she was interviewed by BBC Politics South about her role as a Southampton FC Community Ambassador for their 'No Place For Homophobia' campaign – so quite a month!

EVMT’s Managing Director, Mark, was also interviewed by both Swansea University and the APM Project magazine to discuss EVMT’s sponsorship and assurance role for a Seagrass Research project led by Dr Richard Unsworth and undertaken by PhD research student, Aisling Collins, at Swansea University and across multiple UK sites. Mark was keen to stress the importance of businesses to become actively involved in the Blue Carbon economy as well as the implementation of industry project governance and assurance to ensure that outcomes and benefits are achieved. Mark also stressed how modern technology and particularly the use of drones, is enabling detailed surveys to be undertaken efficiently across wide areas of seagrass meadows.

During September and October Mark also continued to support Exeter School’s Sixth Form mentoring scheme conducting an interview teach-in and several individual interviews.

The teach-in was very productive with the students enjoying role playing with Mark playing the part of a young student, Roger Anddout, based upon his CV when 17. The students were very surprised at the sort of summer jobs we were willing to do in those halcyon times – farm labourer, steel worker, general labourer – how times have changed!

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