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"Emma started at Solent as Content Coordinator within Toby’s team. Since joining she has slowly but surely taken on more and more responsibilities around social media, alongside other members of External Relations who also play a key role in the daily management of our social channels. However, we have all known, since losing our dedicated social media post a few years back, that it’s preferable to have someone who takes a leading responsibility for the area. This allows us to set a strategic direction for social media that can be driven forward by that person, with the support of the rest of the team.


Emma has really dedicated herself to social and has shown passion and aptitude, as well as a real desire to grow engagement on our channels. She will now take that lead responsibility, working really closely with other key people within External Relations to continue to drive our social activity, reach new audiences and ultimately help to reach our goals around recruitment and reputation."

Exeter School

"On Saturday 7th October 2017, Exeter School held its annual Interview Scheme. This offers each Year
13 pupil the opportunity to have two interviews from external professionals. Mark was one of
approximately thirty interviewers and held five 30-minute interviews over the duration of the day.
Each interview session consists of 20 minutes of questions and 10 minutes of verbal feedback. Mark
was also asked to fill in a written feedback form for each pupil. Mark’s feedback to each pupil, both
verbal during the interview itself and written, was very insightful and realistic, and he offered follow-
up support for any who requested it. In feedback by our pupils, Mark was described as approachable
and well-informed, and a number said they might take up his offer of further help. School staff found
Mark personable and engaging too, and intend to involve him inappropriate future events if he is
interested. This scheme is invaluable for our young people in preparing them for the world of work
and it would not be possible without each professional giving up their time to assist."
"On Thursday 16th November 2017, Mark took part in our annual Careers Convention. This event was
supported by over forty organisations representing many different professions. Mark provided
literature on his stall and invited an apprentice to attend with him. He felt this would give our pupils
a better understanding of the many different aspects of his sector, from the generic to the more
specific. Pupils from Year 9 and upwards are invited to attend with their parents. Guests are able to
move from stall to stall to talk to each professional about their careers. It is always a lively and
informative evening and Mark was busy talking to pupils and parents all evening."

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